Chord Chart and Barlines alignment

• Feb 25, 2018 - 13:29

In 1.3 version it was possible to set the number of measures on the staff and have them all at the same size.
This, for exemple, allowed to generate presentable chord charts from an allready written lead sheet, to get something approaching the attached exemple with a bit of fiddling. Could it be possible to have that option again ? Or ideally, to have chord chart generator incorporated in the next version of musescore ?

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MuseScore is designed more for creating standard musical notation, so it's interface isn't optimized to creating things better done in, say, a word processor. But still, it wouldn't be too hard to create something like that picture if you really wanted - still nowhere near as easy as it would be in Word.

1.3 never had an option to set the number of measures on a system - it had an option to set an upper limit on the number of measures per system. Which is to say, it wouldn't allow more measures per line than would fit by default. This option was also very limited because there was no way to account for, say, a pickup measure, or some other line that needed a different number of measures. So this feature was replaced by a much more powerful and useful feature, Edit / Tools / Add/Remove Line Breaks. This allows you to select the region you want to apply to, thus handling pickups etc. And it plays more nicely with the stretch options (in the Layout menu) to allow you to squeeze more measure per line where needed.

The option to attempt to fix measure widths was extremely buggy, and created many situations where the notes would overlap the barlines. Plus it didn't do what was wanted in the presence of things like clefs, key signatures, and time signatures. So this option was removed, and instead, the way to get measure widths as you like them if the defaults aren't working is to simply use stretch.

So, using these features you should be able to get at least as close to that look as you could in 1.3, and have more flexibility besides.

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