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• Feb 22, 2018 - 13:30
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I'm using the Software MuseScore currently to orchestrate a musical (including to keyboard scores). The Keyboard Score(s) do(es) switch the sounds very often. I'm using Stafftexts to switch the channels (sounds) using a custom instrument to support many different instruments via channels.

It would be a very nice feature to be able to octave the sound using the staff text or transposing the sound


Ottavas, which are common musical notation, are available in the lines palette.


The first plays an octave lower and the second plays an octave higher.

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Status active needs info

If you want to change attributes of an instrument other than just its playback sound, you can do that already using the "Change Instrument" command in the right-click menu of the Instrument text (as opposed to ordinary Staff text, which indeed is more limited). See the Handbook under "Mid-staff instrument changes:.

Hopefully this solves your need. If not, feel free to explain in more detail what about the current facility is not sufficient. In the future, it is better to ask for help in the Support forum first before going to the issue tracker.