Uploading to musescore.com and Youtube does not work: yes days and no days. Continue errors or do not charge anything

• Feb 21, 2018 - 23:58

Hi! Musescore is very beautiful and practical and I really like it. But I have a big problem:

Thus he says:
"In case you used a special SoundFont for your score. (Allowed extensions: MP3)
Upload audio file "

In fact, I had loaded a song on youtube but I was surprised: I set the score with my sounfont and work but, I see that, loaded on youtube, is reproduced with predefined fonts.
Yesterday, I find the phrase that indicates the function (mentioned above ). If I understand well, you can upload a song on Youtube through a recording in MP3 that, then, I imagine, musescore.com, when you say "ok", transfers to youtube by joining the MP3 record. Today I try to upload with "Upload audio file" after turning a WAV into MP3 with another tool but today also with the function of Musescore itself. But I can not because today, all day, it did not works.
Yesterday it worked. Today no more. ( Same settings ).
I download the MP3 file directly with the "export" function of Musescore too. Again "Upload" and "Send to Youtube" I try on several occasions for a whole day. ( I activated the PRO 7 trial version to be able to do a lot of pruvs in the day and not only one every 24 hours.)
The same thing happens to upload a score on muscescore.com. I use this function for 4 or 5 days but the song is not always exported to musescore.com with my soundfonts. Only sometimes. Yet the system is simple and has already worked several times but, for a day it works, the day after it does not work and then after two days, maybe, it works. When it exports, then there is "loading". There he hangs up and from an error: "We're sorry, Musescore can not load this score." My question, in both cases is: why? What interferes? What kind of problem do I have?
(I apologize for the English that I propose but I'm using the Google translator while I write in Italian.) The point is that I necessarily need the function to upload my scores on Youtube with my sounfont and, above all I have to do it even just once a day but that time works for sure or I'm stopped for another 24 hours.
In your opinion, what's my problem? A bug, maybi?

It was the Italian forums that recommended me to write to you about the site in English because you are very experienced. I, therefore, follow the advice and I did it. Can you help me?

Musescore is excellent but, if I do not solve this problem, unfortunately I will be forced to look for anything else because my purpose is Youtube with high definition of the sounds.
Can you give me help? I do not want to leave Musescore. But I want it to work. So, what's my problem?
I'm sorry, but, because of these problems, I have little time . I hope having help that I need.

Tankh' you for helping!

See you soon then!!!!!


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Thank you, friends. In fact, if a person more experienced than me could help me, for me it would be a great favor.

For your kindness and your effort, just for information, I discovered that there are some small open source software that with a microphone and two stereo speakers, allow you to make in your computer recordings identical to those obtained with these steps (surely it is my problem, if it works with everyone and not with me, is my problem.) They are, for example, Atube Catcher and CamStudio. So, do not worry: if you do not succeed, I have already found an alternative solution. With these tools I can also extract the movie and then superimpose them with the Super software. A difficult job but if anything else could not be done, I will do so.

By the way, Thomas, but to get into my account, do you need my password or enter another system? I thought you could not easily get into personal accounts. How do you plan to do? Curiosity from perfect inexperienced! ahahahah

Thank you, you have been and continue to be very kind!

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But I'm sorry. I could have thought about it alone. I'm desolated. Then enter, rages in my account and if you solve the problem, I swear that I turn votive candle in church!

I ask you another 'courtesy, if you allow: to close the trial trial of the pro version, what should I do? I opened it out of desperation and I do not want to abuse it.

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Hi oplita,

First could you disconnect your youtube channel from MuseScore? You can do so via the Send to Youtube form and click on the Disconnect button. Once done, please try to Send to youtube again.

The other problem you reported it linked with an open issue at #197716: Audio file will not upload. We hope to fix this for MuseScore 2.2, but we can't promise this just yet.

So your best solution for now is to use the Send to YouTube feature (after disconnecting and connecting again) and next use the Send to Youtube form with the audio upload, instead of the Save Online feature with the custom audio upload.

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Yet, I swear to you on my honor that I once managed to upload the score on youtube with my soundfonts. I assure you. During the preparation for sending to youtube from the musescore.com site, there is a point where it is stated briefly that if you used a different group of soundfonts, you had to load the MP3. This would have been replaced by the default one. I did it and it worked. (I also have witnesses! Hahaha. "So I can assure you that you can already do that.Another thing: why does the export online function work once yes and 10 times not? Today, in the meantime, I try as you said.
Thanks again!

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Update: I did exactly what you told me and it worked! THANK YOU! First disconnect! I do not know about the others but it has been loaded with my most beloved fonts. But do not worry. At the limit, if it was even just a special case, I still have the software I talked about.

Rather, I was wondering how to cancel the PRO version. I would not expire the free trial period. I will think after the possibility of subscribing to the PRO.

If I can afford, the only defect of Musescore (which is really good) is the low level of default soundfonts. However I understand that, the lighter they are, the more people can use Musescore without problems. Against this, however, there is all this kind of difficulty

Thanks again! Good evening!

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