which Musescore version in upcoming Ubuntu 18.04

• Feb 14, 2018 - 22:12

Well, the thread title says it.

Ubuntu 18.04 will be released soon and I was wondering if it is already clear, which Musescore Version will be in the repositories.


It looks like Ubuntu 18.04 and MuseScore 2.2 will be racing to see which one is released first. Since there is not a 2.2 release candidate (that is which build will become 2.2), I would guess it is at a minimum a week before 2.2 is released. The 2.1-RC was named about a week before official release. Other work being done by lasconic leads me to believe the 2.2-RC is very close.

The Ubuntu maintainer will have a large impact on how quickly the 2.2 version for Ubuntu is released.

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