"MIDI action" menus are always empty and can't be interacted with

• Feb 13, 2018 - 14:45

I'm a non-keyboard player trying to write for piano, I have to be able to hear my score correctly since I cannot play it myself. So, I would really like it if corone and similar marks could have functional playback.

They don't, but I could make them do that myself, I've been doing it for years on Finale. But here, when I right click an articulation and go into "Articulation properties" I am greeted by an uneditable "channel" field that says just "normal", and an uneditable "MIDI action" field that doesn't contain anything.

So, how do I change that?


The channel options are only available for instruments that actually have multiple channels - eg, strings (normal/arco, pizzicato, tremolo) and brass (normal/open, muted). Also some of the electronic instruments and maybe some guitars. Those channels are provided because General MIDI defines specific playbacks sounds for these effects. There are no specific alternate sounds provided by General MIDI for piano, so there are no multiple channels defined. You could force multiple channels by defining the instrument first as something else - like trumpet - and then changing the playback sounds for each channel. Not sure that would help though - again, General MIDI doesn't define any other sounds for piano, so there really isn't anything else you'd be able to select for that channel unless you find and install a soundfont that contains the effect you want. "Corone isn't a standard musical term that I am familiar with, so I'm not sure what playback effect you would expect it to have.

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Alright, so first of all, corone is what I've always heard fermate being called. I assumed it was a widespread synonym, apparently it's just italian.

When one opens the Articulations&Ornaments menu, placing a fermata/corona on a note will have no playback effect whatsoever; I have since found out that the Inspector is actually how one establishes a playback effect, but one has first to know what the inspector is, because right-clicking the element will not give any hint to any additional editable parameter.

I would strongly suggest a "show inspector" right-click menu option upon selecting elements that have hidden parameters like that.

Partially related issue, the inspector didn't help in trying to establish a playback effect for slide ins and outs.

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Adding inspector to right click menu is possible, but a little odd since the Insepctor is normally open all the time anyhow unless you had previously closed it. So the Inspector is meant to be easier to discover than right-click, which relatively few people might think to try. Something to consider for the future though.

Meanwhile, I definitely recommend the Handbook and the tutorial videos for learning more about using MuseScore.

As far as I know there are no playback parameters for slides.

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