MuseScore mixer channel, remove unused instruments - solved, thanks!

• Feb 11, 2018 - 17:53

How do you remove an instrument from the mixer once it's there? I'm editing a file from something created by another user, and neither of us can figure this out.

The score has multiple redundant instruments in the mixer: 3 clarinets where we're only using one, six trumpets where we only have three, two bass trombones where only one is used and so on.

If we go to "edit, instruments" only the ones actually in use appear, but the mixer is still cluttered with multiple, unused instruments. How do we get rid of them?


In order to understand what is going on for sure, we would need you to attach the score. But my guess is that there are "Instrument change" text elements scattered throughout the score - a flute being asked to switch to clarinet at some point, etc - and that's where this is coming from. In the case of trumpets, note there are always 2 channels for each instrument - one for the normal/open sound, one for muted. It's also possible whoever created this score hacked it to get the same effect for clarinets for some reason.

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Thanks Marc, that's very helpful. Yes, there are "Instrument" change elements. I'll have to do some reading so I understand what they're doing before I delete them.

I understand about trumpet / mute, acoustic bass / arco etc., however I believe the instrument change elements are where most of these come from.


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Is there a way to remove instrument channels through a file that isn't instruments.xml? Last time I made modifications to that file it caused problems. But is that the only way to make sure there are instruments that don't take up too many channels?

EDIT: Well, a workaround is to use the channels for different instruments instead of their standard pizzicato, staccato, arco, etc. channels.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but if you stick with the defaults, you shouldn't need any change instruments, and again, there is no cost whatsoever to the fact that a violin has three channels. It uses no resources, takes no appreciable space in score, takes no space in the mixer as of 3.0, etc. There is simply no advantage to not just using the default.

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