Change of stave properties etc

• Feb 10, 2018 - 21:25

I have finished transcribing the first movement of a piece, which has 16 stavelines of different instruments/voices. I wish to continue with the second movement which has just two different different voices and so on with the next four movements. Do I need to create separate Musescore documents for each movement or can I combine them in one document?
I have tried online help but am unsure what question to ask.

With thanks



I would suggest each movement in its own file unless they are very short (less than about 50 measures each). This will prevent the file from getting too big. Many of us have problems with MuseScore slowing down A LOT when scores get too big. It's probably due to our systems, so you may not have this problem.

If you decide to put all of them in one file, then add instruments as needed and use the Instruments dialog (i key) to make the instruments you do not need for the current movement invisible. It will help you keep instruments straight. After all of the movements are complete, go back into the Instruments dialog and make all instruments visible.

If you do want everything combined into one file, you can create staves for everything, then when done go to use Style / General and turn on Hide empty staves.

Create them as separate files. Make backups of those files (under different names, with dates or incremental numbers or whatever). Too often on this forum we hear of people putting all their eggs in one basket and then dropping that basket and blaming MuseScore when they (or maybe Windows) screw up wth saving files.

By all means join them all up at the end and then use Hide Empty Staves if you want to play back for a MIDI file or just want to store it all as one file.

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