Tempo can't be changed when audio is set to Jack

• Feb 7, 2018 - 08:02
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My tempo is stuck at 120 BPM. If I open the Play Panel, it shows 120 BPM at the top regardless of the tempo marking. The slider snaps back to whichever percentage makes the tempo 120 BPM if I try to move it. I think I might've crashed MuseScore by trying to move it too much a minute ago.

Assuming this can't be reproduced, what information could I provide to help with debugging this bizarre issue?


If so I can't reproduce. Opening any or my scores (created with 2.1) that have a tempo text (different from 120 BPM), in play panel show that tempo and (temporarily) changing the temp there just works.

Title Tempo can't be changed Tempo can't be changed when audio is set to Jack
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Status needs info active

No advice other that to mention such vital information from the start :-)

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It sounds like you have a misconfiguration of your Jack system. Another software is acting as Master for the whole Jack system. It's probably not a MuseScore problem. I close the issue. Feel free to reopen if you have more info.