confirmation before resetting preferences

• Feb 5, 2018 - 09:12

Yesterday I wanted to reset the I/O settings in "Preferences", so I clicked on "Reset all Preferences to Default" which – obviously, but against my assumption – resetted ALL my preferences, not only the ones in the tab I was in (i.e. "I/O"). I was happy since I had a recent backup of my configuration file on a USB drive, so I could easily restore my preferences, but thought it would be probably good to implement a confirmation window popping up, saying something like: "You are about to reset the preferences to default. This will erase all your personal preferences. Do you want to proceed?" Or anything like that (English is not my first language, but you get the point.), analog to the warning popping up when you are about to delete stuff in a file manager e.g..


This has happened to me a few times and I agree there should be a popup confirmation.
I often go into the I/O settings to Restart Audio and MIDI Devices since it's the quickest way to fix the output when switching between outputs. But sometimes I'll be looking for the "Restart Audio" button, then see the "Reset" in "Reset All Preferences to Default" and click on that instead without realizing what I just did. It would be nice to have the little warning for those times when my dumb and impatient brain decides to click something without reading carefully.

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I agree a warning dialog might be nice (although some would call it a nuisance). it's certainly not a bug that no such dialog is present, though - lots of operations are kind of destructive and don't constantly ask for confirmation. if you feel this particular operation is especially deserving of one, feel free to open an official Suggestion for it in the issue tracker so it can be considered for a future update.

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