Legal Position re printing TABs in Published Works

• Feb 4, 2018 - 13:27

I am working on a Ukulele Guide for Beginners and I want to include example songs in one of the popular TAB formats.

The format I prefer is in-line where the chord names are shown within square brackets at the point in the lyric where the chord change occurs. A line might look like this; "When [E] I feel [C#m] blue [F#m] in the [B7] night". There are others as I am sure Muse Score users will know.

Does anybody know what the legal position is - who does an author in my position have to contact - when going down this route? Are there acknowledgements that have to be included? And are there fees to be paid typically?

I would love to hear from anybody with experience of this aspect of copyright law.


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