renumbering measures

• Feb 4, 2018 - 04:19

is there a way to have measures globally or automatically renumber/reset to 1 for each section? Sections aren't all the same number of interval setting won't work for this project.


I do not know if I understand correctly ...
Right click-> Bar Properties-> Add to bar number?
Numbering is automatic if you have used Section Breaks

Right click a section break and look at section properties. There is the option to start renumbering the section at 1. This only affects what is displayed on the score. If you look at the Status Bar (in the bottom left) or current location (in the bottom right) you will see the physical bar in the score at all times.

Hi: I just had that same issue. If you click on your first measure, then click "Measure Properties," at the bottom you'll see a box that says, "Add to measure number." If you toggle that up/down, that renumbers your measures.

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Thank you, but I have been using that. My comment referred to having several sections to renumber. Toggling wasn't very practical for this project as sections added or eliminated. Had to insert amounts to add or subtract, clicking "Apply" to keep Properties box open, and readjust if necessary.

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Right, so, to be clear - for the ordinary sort of renumbering involved with having multiple sections and you want each to start at measure 1, no need to mess with any settings anywhere whatsoeve.r Just add section breaks (from the Breaks & Spacers palette) and everything happens automatically.

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