Chord symbols aren't transposed in parts when over a multibar rest.

• Feb 3, 2018 - 07:01

If a chord symbol is present in a full score, but the section it is attached to gets turned into a multibar rest when made into a part, the chord symbol doesn't get transposed.

Maybe the solution is to make it so that chord symbols interrupt multibar rests?


Chord symbols already do interrupt multimeasure rests, both in the score and in generated parts, whether the chords were present when the parts were generated or added later. At least they do in a test file I just created, and they seem to in the file you attached.

However, there is a known issue with transposition when in the specific case of a concert pitch score with transposed parts. Is that perhaps what you are experiencing? See #248891: Chord symbols transposed incorrectly between concert score & transposed parts. Its odd in that the problem only seems to affect certain use cases, and also seems to fix itself if you add a chord symbol after the fact. I'll need to investigate more.

Meanwhile though, I think the solution for now is to delete the parts you have, turn off Concert Pitch, generate parts, then turn concert pitch back on if desired.

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