MIDI Input

• Feb 1, 2018 - 18:12

I have connected my Yamaha CLP-545 to my Microsoft Surface and started MuseScore 2.1. The program has recognised the presence of the keyboard (if I go to Preferences I/O I see the Clavinova driver listed) but pressing notes on the keyboard doesn't enter anything onto the score.

I hear the note when I press the key on the piano but nothing appears on the score. If I try and select the rest in bar 1, say, I get a note added to the score. I am obviously being totally stupid but the life of me I can't work out what I am doing wrong.

I have selected the MIDI connector icon and it is lit. I have selected N and selected Step-wise. I have selected crotchet as the duration. But still nothing.

Can anyone help?


Try entering a note using another method - eg, typing "C" on your computer keyboard - and then immediately (without leaving note input mode) pressing a key on your MIDI keyboard. Does this add the note to the same chord? If so, that is a sign that your keybaord is not sending the "note off" event when you release the key using a form MuseScore recognizes. A few keyboards here and there seem to have this issue. Some may have a setting to change how note off events are handled; consult your keyboard documentation to see.

Not sure of the status of this. Seems I recall someone investigating where in the code this is handled and proposing a fix, but I can't find that now and don't remember if anything came of it.

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