Exporting to a new file format... plugin?

• Jan 26, 2018 - 21:01


I would like to export into a newly defined file format. Will the plug-in architecture / SDK allow me to attach myself to the export menu and run my format's specific code?


You might be better off working of an export in MusicXML format. It's hyper-verbose and relatively easy to analyze. I remember reading in a forum that the .mscz file structure will not be published, and might be changed at any point in the future. MusicXML is the standard between all music writing software.

Short answer; no.

Longer answer: Still no :)
Although the plugin framework does allow you to define your own menu item to have it triggered and allows this to be anywhere in the menu structure, convention is for a plugin to make a subentry/tree into the Plugins menu.
Depending on which score information needs to be present in your file format, not all necessary information might be available to the plugin framework.

See for example https://musescore.org/project/parsons-code-exporter or https://musescore.org/project/ultrastar-export-plugin for examples of plugins that export to different formats.

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