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• Jan 21, 2018 - 23:27

I have a score of a SATB piece that was converted from pdf using the Musescore pdf import facility - see the first few measures in the example attached. Unfortunately when I went to print the parts I found that there is only on part, the Tenor part. I haven't found a way to tell musescore that there are 4 parts ... any hints on how to split the 4 lines into SATB parts?
many thanks

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To get the four separate parts, create a new score using the SATB template in the New Score Wizard.
Copy/paste each part from your pdf conversion into the new score.
Pay close attention to clefs, and transpose octaves as needed.
Then you can generate the parts for printing.

See attachment. (I don't have the original pdf, so I can't know the original clefs/octaves.)


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Yes, although in this case, one would really want to copy not just one staff but all four to their new destinations. This is better done all at once than one staff at a time, so one of the regular existing methods would be the way to go anyhow. Eg, click first measure top staff, shift click first measure fourth staff to extend selection down, Ctrl+Shift+End to extend selection to end.

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