New to musescore for ukulele tabulation

• Jan 20, 2018 - 00:22

Is there a tutorial I can view? I would be using it for ukulele tabulation


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Hello and welcome aboard.

"Is there a tutorial I can view? I would be using it for ukulele tabulation"

It will depend on the display/the result expected.

Also, see this specific palette (.mpal file) of chords diagrams for ukulele: Ukulele Chords.mpal

You can load it. But first you'll have to create a custom workspace (see:…), then don't forget to check "Enable editing" (context menu: right-click on a palette) -> at last: right-click: Load Palette etc.

Tooltips allow to identify the chord names.

I cannot get Musescore to enter ukulele tab notation. I have watched the videos. In the videos, entering a note in the staff automatically enters tab notation. That never happens for me. What am I doing wrong? Attached is the score I am trying to get tab notation for. Thanks!

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BWV 244-21 for uke.mscz 16.37 KB

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This score was save with 3.6.2 But it doesn't matter.
What exactly do you want to achieve? This score is for harp (top staff only) and ukulele.
The two staves are not linked at the moment, as they are two different instruments, so it's normal that the notes don't transfer to the other staff. You could simply copy and paste the contents of the harp staff into the ukulele staff. But I find it hard to believe that's the point?

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Thank you. As I mentioned, I can't get V4, so have to use V3. I tried what you suggested: That is, in creating a new score, I "added" Ukulele and then "ukulele tab". In the score, the two are linked. Excellent! But when I paste in the harp music (treble clef), the tablature does not appear. What am I doing wrong now? Thank you for your time and patience.

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If you want the tablature and treble clef synced you must use a linked staff. Otherwise you can copy from the treble clef and paste into the tablature staff, as correctly recommended by cadiz1.

To create a linked uke staff you must start with the treble clef Instrument set to ukulele. The add a linked staff. Later you can assign a Harp sound via the mixer.

Here are a couple of example scores based on the BWV 244-21 you attached:

BWV 244-21 in A minor for High G uke.mscz

BWV 244-21 in D minor for Low G uke.mscz

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Thank you. I cannot figure this out. First, I cannot download V4. My computer can't find the "MFPLat.DLL file" necessary for opening it. So, in V3, How do you link staffs? 1) I tried creating a new score. On the right, I can see the option "linked staff". But it is in pale grey--cannot be chosen. 2) I tried adding the linked barline to the outside of the clef above the tab lines, so it looks linked, but the tablature is not created. In any case, thank you for the two files you sent. Maybe I can use them as templates, just replacing the treble cleff notes, expecting the tabalature to appear. One question: The red notes mean that those notes can't be played; is that correct? Thank you!

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See the MS3 Handbook: and particularly for creating linked staves. You need to select your first staff before you can choose the “linked staff” option.

The red notes are ones that are unplayable, because they are too high or low for the instrument, or because you are trying to have two notes on the same string at the same time.

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