Add a stop button as well as a pause button

• Jan 18, 2018 - 08:37

Or have a boolean setting in preferences to make the stop button work like a stop button and not a pause button as it currently does.

Yes, I know there's a whole loop functionality but that is excruciatingly tedious:

I have to go back to where I started playing from, then push R, then F11 to open the play menu, then find and click the little start loop button, then push F11 to close the dialog.

As opposed to just having stop go back to where I was playing from. Which is always what I want when composing and working on a section of music that I'm listening to over and over.

And not to mention when you paste a section and your loop points jump around crazily and you have to reset them.

Spacebar should be play and stop. Simple as that.


Actually loop is much easier to use than all that. Just select a region and press the loop icon on the toolbar. Now press Space all you want. No need to go back anywhere or open any dialogs.

Anyhow, indeed, Stop doesn't normally mean "start next playback back at previous start point" - it means start at beginning. At least it's that way in a good number of other programs I am familiar with. A separate command like Shift+Space is sometimes used to explicitly start playback back at the previous start point, and such a thing would be possible in MuseScore as well.

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"separate command to explicitly start playback back at the previous start point"

This would perfect, and hopefully not hard to code. As long as it was assignable to a shortcut key I could map it to space and be happy.

(As far as I can remember, Pro Tools, Reaper, and FL Studio all work the way I described with stop and play)

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