Triplet across a bar line

• Jan 14, 2018 - 20:08

Anybody know of a trick to get a triplet to cross a bar line on MS? For example the first 16th note of a triplet be the last note of a measure and then the next two 16th notes of the triplet be the first two notes of the next measure. Weird, but I'm seeing it on a pdf from


You will need to select the two measures and merge them using Edit->Measures->join selected measures. After you set up your triplet you can press ctrl and drag the appropriate bar line to the measure in question.

Note: this will join the measures in every staff so you will need to fix bar lines on every staff. Bar lines that do not cross the staff with the triplet can be extended by double clicking and dragging them to make extend to other staves if needed.

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Thanks for suggestion but not very practical as I have lots of these and MS doesn't support copying these elements.

I just mentioned trying the lower barline as the upper barline appears in the wrong position. Playing with offsets and leading spaces doesn't get me very far. I've hacked it with a vertical line overlaying the correctly-placed lower barline. It's fragile as hell as MS lines don't like to be vertical and bounce around if anything else changes in that system, however it has the benefit of looking exactly as needed.

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