Sets and Groups vs Private

• Jan 12, 2018 - 20:27

My scores are all set to private.
I want to put them in a group( also marked private)/ but make that group and contents available to only my students.
1) I see where I can invite them individually from within the group.
But is there a private link I can provide them whereby they can access the group directly without the invite process? A "friendly" private link that accepts those I provide it to?
Currently I have managed to invite a student by asking them to create a musescore profile, providing me their username, and sending that user an invite. Is this the intended proceedure?

2) How do I get sets into groups?



3) How do I change the privacy settings on a created group?
When I click the 'update group" button, the feature choices aren't available to do this. Only add a description.

2) Sets are either public (visible for all) or private (visible to you only) Their content though, if provate but shared with the group, are then visible to the group.
But I too would like to set sets to private and share with a group, similar to scores.
3) I believe you'd need to create a group from sratch when change privacy settings

But all this might better get discussed in

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Re2) This SETs thing is very confusing. They don't appear to be managable. And as far as my original question, I can't find an option to share a set to a group.

Re 3) Please say not so! Now that I've setup the groups and names I want, and set them private, that means they are trashed if I choose to change privacy!!?
It doesn't appear as an option to delete them either?
So that "from scratch" means I can't re-build those names?

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Sets can not be shared to groups and we don't plan to change this any time soon for various reasons.

What we will do is make it easier to add all set content to a group via the Score Manager at currently we miss the option there to select all scores from a certain set and for instance add them all to a group. So for now it's one by one, or use the score manager multi selection + action functionality.

My scores are set to Unlisted. I cannot share them to my Group, but my Group Members can go to my personal profile and access my Sets. The word Sets is in the top white bar on my profile. I can also share each score with them using a Secret link in a Musescore message. So far all of that is working fine.
My current problem is that one of my group members who has been always able to access my sets in the way I just described, now cannot. When this group member visits my profile they see nothing in the white bar. I have no fix for this as of yet. I will keep trying.

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