How do you delete a slur?

• Jan 8, 2018 - 22:26

I accidentally used a slur instead of a tie, but now I can't delete the slur. The F1 didn't tell me how to delete it. Can anyone help?


It could be you accidentally added multiple slurs, and you now need to delete them all. Click and delete until they are all gone. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and describe in more detail where you are having problems, so we can understand the situation and advise better.

I've had trouble deleting slurs and ties, too. Selecting and pressing Delete or using Cut did not work for me. I accidentally discovered that changing the duration of the initial note of the slur or tie made the slur or tie vanish. Then I could change the note duration back to what it was. A clunky work around, but it's the only thing I could get to work.

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First, it is best if you attach a score you are having trouble with. I have a theory as to what might be happening. When you click a slur does it turn blue? If not then you have an issue with your score that a few people know how to fix on the forums. If it does turn blue, you may still have the issue, especially if it turns to black when you press delete.

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