• Jan 8, 2018 - 14:46

I'm sure this has been asked and answered however at my age of 80 plus with some eye problems ( thank God my hearing is spot on ) i was unable to readily find in the forum or the musescore web site what is the cost of MuseScore Pro.

Please tell me, thanks.


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I assume you are talking about an issue you are having with the score sharing website musescore.com If so, best to ask over there on that other website, there's no one here who has any real expertise on that other website. FWIW, it sounds like probably you have an issue with the cookies settings on your browser, so that would be something to check when asking for help over there on that other website.

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Mr. Federico Miyara,

Thank you for the clarification.

I am sure like many others money is a bit short after XMAS and New Years Celebrations.

At this time i plan to try the 30 day free trial .

Now providing that I find it beneficial for my intended/anticipated need and use then will purchase Musescore Pro. Although, I may just go from a month to month plan because the Canadian dollar conversion to US funds is extremely high these days.

TUE, JAN 9, 2018 @18:29

Hello @ll.
Same asking but I'm living in €uro zone (France).
49$ a year is ~40€ but nowhere I could find this before clicking "Try for Free"...
Could europeans have a € link, please ?

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Well, lessee. If going from month to month at 6.99 x 12 = $83.88 to paying annually at $49 gives a 41% discount, then a 3 year might give another 35% off?

So 3 x 49 =147 x .65 = $95.55 for three years. Wow!

Then another 35% discount off of that to go to 5 years, lessee 95.55/3 = 31.85 x 5 = 159.25 x .65 = $103.51 !!! (Can you tell I passed my high school algebra class?)

Wow! If you are going to stay in it, that seems like a great deal to me! (Not that anyone is offering it.)

We could simplify it more. Say for every two you buy, you get one free. That equals a 33 1/3 % discount. That would be great! Yeah... About that. I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday.

Get shwifty widdit.

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And actually, at this point the number of scores only downloadable with Pro is also most likely in the tens of thousands. But indeed, totally different thing, just listening to a song versus having the sheet music. One isn't better than the other, they are just totally different.

For further discussion of this topic, though, best to go over there to that website, musescore.com, it's not really relevant to this website.

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