Adding Fingerings

• Jan 2, 2018 - 14:11

I would like to suggest a less tedious process for the addition of fingerings to a score. The current process requires one to select a notehead and then double click a number on the finger pallet = 3 clicks to add a finger. This can take longer than to notate the score in the first place. I am not a programmer but perhaps there could be a way to initiate a fingering mode that would then enable one to making use the numerical keyboard for the fingers and the arrow keys or cursor to advance to the next notehead. This fingering process would thus mirror the one for entering notes to a score.
Thank you


As a sometimes usable workaround, you can select every note of a certain pitch by using right click a note the use select>more and then check the button next to the pitch such as C3, and in selection if applicable. This will select every C3 in the selection area, you can then apply the same fingering to every C3. I realize this does not work in every situation because hands on both keyboards and fret boards move so every C3 will not use the same finger every time. With fretted instruments you also have the option of selecting the same string, so you can select every C3 on string 5 if you want. Like I said, it's sometimes use able.

Edit: I forgot, the same string option is available in the 2.2 and Master nightlies only. I use 2.2 for everything except testing 2.1 problems.

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