Weird slash chord thing

• Jan 1, 2018 - 05:46

How do i make the slash thing for chords?


First, it should be specified how what you get seems "weird slash", as you say in the title. Please attach an image or score to check what you mean.
You receive this notation by going to: Edit -> Tools -> Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation

Assuming you're in 4/4 time, you put in 4 quarter notes in the middle of the staff, which is B in treble clef(or really just 1 note if you copy/paste), then you go to the noteheads pallete and select the one that looks like a hollow slash mark. It looks like a skinnier version of this "▱" <-- that parallelogram. Now when you drag that notehead to the note, and it becomes that slash thing, but with a stem. Now click on that note and then press F8. You will see that the inspector menu has pooped up to your right. Now look under the chord heading where you see "small" and "Stemless." Click the box next to stemless to select it. Boom. You have one regular slash. Now you can either copy and paste that note to fill out the measure and then copy and paste the measure to fill out the song, or go through the whole process again for the rest. It's probably easier to copy'n'paste, though. I Hope I helped.

EDIT: Well it looks like someone else beat me to answer. That's another, method that may be easier... i dunno try both, hahaha. But happy new year :)

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Well, the question is to know that the user defines as weird (for him). What result does he want exactly?
And so attach an image would be the simplest way to know.
If he really wants a rhythmic notation, he fills the measures with the notes and the rhythm, and then as said before: Edit / Tools / Toggle Rhythmic Slash Notation.
If he does not want stems, only slashs, he does not need to enter notes / rhythm, and he now goes into Edit -> Tools -> Fill with slashes.

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