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• Dec 31, 2017 - 07:07

I mostly arrange for a band with 5 horns. Sometimes, I would like to copy, for example, the lead trumpet part and give the same line to the other horns, so that all are playing in unison. I can do that very easily in Sibelius by copying the measures then clicking on the first measure of the next horn, then shift click on the first measure of the last horn in the score, then control V. That doesn't seem to work in Musescore 2. Also, lets say that I want to change the whole rest of a particular measure to quarter rests in every instrument, is there a way to do that all at once? Thanks for your help. I'm new to Musescore, although I'm finding it to be a great program, and similar to Sibelius in many ways.


Actually, Edit / Tools / Explode will copy a single line to multiple staves in a single step. But even better would be to use it as originally intended, entering all four or five parts onto the first staff before exploding.

As for changing a whole rest to four quarter rests, there isn't a single command for that, as that would not normally be a musically correct / useful thing to do. I am assuming you are thinking of this as a first step to accomplish some other goal, and probably there is a more direct way to accomplish that goal. Can you explain more what you are actually wanting to make happen?

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Thanks to all for your helpful information. The explode tool will work just fine for what I need. I even assigned
'ctrl/alt/v as a short cut, similar to the standard 'ctrl/v paste shortcut. As far as changing the whole rest to some other rest or note value, in one measure, vertically in the score, the explode command is the way to do that as well. The reason I would want to do that is in the case of every instrument playing the same rhythm.

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Still not sure how replacing a full measure rests with quarter rests help get to the point where every instrument has the same rhythm. The more direct way to accomplish this is to us Re-Pitch mode. Eg, enter one line, use Explode to copy it to other instruments, then Re-Pitch mode to simply replace the pitches. Or, enter all the notes onto the first staff before doing the Explode. If you still have questions, feel free to attach the score you are working on on describe exactly what you want to do, and we can show you the most efficient way of getting the job done!

Hello. I posted a similar thread a while a go but I see this one is older. Just wanted to check in as am disappointed that MuseScore 3 still has not addressed this.

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