Rests - will not let me replace with notes

• Dec 30, 2017 - 00:30

Hi All. I know this has been addressed - I have read everything I can find on it but still having difficulties. I have a few rests that I want to replace with notes. I hit escape to be sure I'm not in note entry and then select the rest. I can change the rest value but it doesn't seem to matter, because it just won't let me replace it with a note of the same value. With the rest selected, I go in to Note Entry and place my note... however the note is placed on an existing note in the next measure. (I have also tried it when it wasn't selected but the same thing happens). I FINALLY selected a measure from a different score and copy/pasted to get some notes to work with to replace the rests. I closed the other score without saving, as I see the measures with notes in it were replaced with rests. Arg! Am I missing something? I am in Windows 10 ... does that make a difference?


Could you please attache the score you've trouble with and explain what's your aim and where it doesn't work for you?

I guess you're trying to get a note with the mouse.
Will you try this:

Click on the notehead.
Press N key.
Enter a note-letter on the keyboard. // a, b, c, d, e, f, g,
Does it work?

What worked for me was copying the note I wanted to replace the rest with, then selecting the rest, then right-clicking on the rest, then selecting "Swap with Clipboard"

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