File uploaded to this website does not play audio. (Solved)

• Dec 25, 2017 - 07:40

I transcribed a piece of music in an older version of Musescore (2.0.3), and when I uploaded it to this website, no audio played back. I restarted my computer, re-uploaded the track, waited for hours, and still nothing. I am not sure if this is just the case with my computer, as I could hear it on my phone with the Musescore app, so maybe it works for others, and just not for me.

Here is a link to the file with the problem:
If it plays back audio, please comment that you heard it.
If the link does not work, please comment as well.


When you download the MP3 from the site, you will hear that you have a silent mp3. This is most often due to the volume setting in your MuseScore synthesizer: View / Synthesizer

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Definitely the issue mentioned above.
With the short test file - Polysynth.mscz - attached to the issue report (two flutes, but second flute with "Polysynth" sound): same behavior, ie no audio, after upload on the website.
And after muting the second flute/polysynth, and new upload, the audio is again active (first flute, measure 7: 16th notes)

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Another weird/unexpected thing: with the "original" file (so always with the Polysynth.) involved in the issue, ie: Lightning__The_Elements.mscz in

After upload, despite the crackling sounds in this score, the audio is active. BUT, the audio is entirely wrong (listen to the first Bm / G / Bm chords sequence ...)
And it re-begins to be correct by muting the Polysynth.

So, in my understanding right now, either the Polysynth. breaks the audio, either it's wrong.

It plays OK for me inside Musescore 2.0.2 and using either the default FluidR3 Mono, or an older FluidR3 Stereo soundfont.

But, a direct export to MP3 last forever, the export progress bar still at 30% after 10 minutes (and I have a good machine). Strangely, MusesCore.exe don't exceed a 27% of CPU usage while this export is in progress.

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How many cores does your computer have?
BTW: I've tried with several versions (portable, nightly, regular), 2.0.3, 2.1 as well as the latest 2.2 nightly all behave the same, they play the 1st page and than just produce nasty noises, 2.0.2 is completely silent though

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..and, whoa, the progress bar exporting to MP3 stopped at the 50% (without any error popped). The generated MP3 is 768 bytes size and 00:00:00 duration. I guess there is something here currupted?

Just tried exporting (using the same Musescore session I'm working) loading any other score, and it exports perfectly to MP3.

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