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• Dec 11, 2017 - 00:49

Can the Opus music font please be added?


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Opus doesn’t have its own license, but being bundled with Sibelius, most likely falls under its license. As such, I’m pretty sure Avid wouldn’t be happy about a public distribution of MS that included Opus, even though you can technically have access to it for “free” anyway.

Besides, Opus isn’t SMuFL-compliant anyway, so some significant work would need to go into making it so before MS could use it.

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Hey! Yes, I'm still around, but more aloof than in the past because of a very busy day job. Forgive me for not getting into the conversation on Telegram. I have enough other channels of communication that I'm monitoring and I'd rather not add another. If there's something I can help with, please let me know here, if you would. Thanks! Happy to offer any advice.

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Amazing, thanks! One idea that was floated (by me) was that it might be nice to get Cadence into MuseScore, and make it the new default, because it has a lot of the attractive qualities of e.g. Bravura but the same metrics as Emmentaler. It seems this would be rather difficult with the 2014 GPL version, because it's not SMuFL-compatible. Of course, you've since made a SMuFL version, which you sell on your website. It would be expected that you would not decide to give it away for free. But, on the other hand, you did donate what became MuseJazz, and countless people have benefited from your generosity even if they don't know who they have to thank. What are your thoughts?

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MuseJazz is an interesting animal. It was "donated" for two reasons:
1. MuseScore commissioned me to expand the glyph set and make it SMuFL-compliant.
2. MuseJazz was born from LilyJAZZ, which was distributed under GPL like LilyPond. LilyJAZZ started as a kind of font plugin and I made it work properly with LilyPond. However, since I wasn't the original creator, I didn't feel like I could "sell" it. So, I didn't.

The license made it an obvious candidate for inclusion in MuseScore and I was happy to be compensated for making that possible.

I've been in discussions recently with MuseScore about my current fonts and unfortunately I'm not able to help at this time for personal reasons. Perhaps in the future it will be possible.

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