My own Early Music Ensemble SFZ Collection "(v3)" is released now!!!

• Dec 10, 2017 - 03:16

This is it! My new Release of my Early Music Ensemble SFZ Collection, Version 3 is now available!

I've added more instruments, adjusted most of them, etc.

Here's the link to download Version 3 of this collection!…

I hope you all are happy on what I did in this version rather than the previous ones.
Enjoy everyone!


I am so happy that I found your medieval samples but...
Dropbox and Google drive links doesn't work! :(
Please, create new link. Thanks for attention)

To be honest I searched for crumhorn soundfonts for a long time - and finally found them! It’s a pity that the download link doesn’t work

Hello! I know these posts are quite old, but I came across them and wondered if it was still possible to get a copy of the Early Music SFZ. Thanks Giles

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So, what do you mean by Early Music sample set? Maybe I have no idea about that.

If you mean another old instruments soundfont, it is difficult to find as you know. I can show some link of harpsicord and organ if you want.

And, you can get samples from Baroque Instruments.sf2 using polyphone. Although most of the samples seemed to be from Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra or Virtual-Playing-Orchestra, several samples are original(according to So it worth exploring.

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