ability to specify number of measures in a line of music

• Dec 4, 2017 - 03:37

Is it possible to specify how many measures will appear in each line, with appropriate spacing of notes, of course. For example. how could I get 8 measures for the first 3 lines, and 9 measures in line #4?


This totally depends on the nature of the music. MuseScore tries to space things according to standard principles, and fits as many measures on the line as it can given your current settings. If you want MuseScore to fit fewer measures on a line than it currently does, simply add a line break, same as you
would in a
word processor if
you wanted three
words per line.

If you want more measures on a line than would normally fit, you need to either switch to a smaller overall staff size or larger page size (in Layout / Page Settings), or else tell MuseScore to squeeze the notes closer together than standard practice would call for (select the measure, Layout / Decrease Stretch).

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