How to split quarter note into two 8ths (outside note entry mode)

• Dec 3, 2017 - 12:18

Hello everyone
Is there any way to easily split a note into two identical notes of half duration? In other words, if I have a quarter note but I want to have two 8th notes instead, what is the easiest way to do it? Right now, I select the note and press 4, but this results in an 8th note and an 8th rest, so then I have to add the second 8th note manually by entering note entry mode and adding the extra note.
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For those finding this thread in 2023, it still works just like this, even in MuseScore 4:
1. Select the quarter note
2. Enter note entry mode (press n, unless you've modified shortcuts)
3. Select eighth-note entry in the toolbar (or press 4 unless you've modified shortcuts)
4. Type the letter representing the note pitch
5. Done! The note is split

It's the normal behavior outside the note entry mode.

But you can simplify the procedure inside the note input mode:

  • Select the note, where you want to insert the 8th note
  • Activitate the note edit mode
  • insert the new 8th

The duration of the note vou've entered before will change to an 8th note too and move to right.

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