Anyway for Voice Channels to be customized?

• Dec 3, 2017 - 03:18

Is there anyway to have Staff Text's Voice Channels to be customized?

I need a guitar to change into palm muted guitar in the middle of a score, however, I cannot use "Staff text" or "Change Instrument" to change the guitar's voice in the Mixer during playback.

Is there any way of customizing the channels inside of "Staff Text", or to have "Change Instrument" to change the Mixer voice?


I had to do something similar. Changing the strings from bowing to hitting strings with bow. What I did was I used instrument text but changed the style to playing technique and in change instrument selected the same thing. Then in the mixer it duplicated the control. I picked the second version of the instrument and change the sound to the one I wanted. (Palm muted guitar is in there I saw.)

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You can (mis)use the three channels assigned to violin (normal, pizzicato, tremolo) to change the sounds in the mixer to different guitar sounds.


Open the attachment in MuseScore, right click on the staff text and look at 'Staff Text Properties' to see the violin channels. View the Mixer to see the guitar sounds used.


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The Instrument Change element from the Text palette should accomplish this. Simply add it where you want, change the text as desired, and go to the Mixer to change the sound.

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In the generosity of joining these demo files, which you call for" guitars/guitar sounds", alas, it should be specified that "muted sound" and "harmonic sound" (harmonics called "sibilant", in addition) do not work absolutely for acoustic or classical guitar, so for guitars "in general".
So, essentially, these are electric guitar demonstration files.
Sorry to be a bit against the grain on this point! :)
The most frustrating is surely the harmonic sound that is just awful or completely unsuitable for steel / nylon guitars :(
And, as if to stir the knife in the wound, when you listen to the good harmonic sounds of Guitar Pro, you take a good slap!

i just figured out that if you right click on the instrument name, select staff properties, right under the instrument change there's "part name" and then a white box where you can text in the name you want to show up in the mixer.

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