Compare and auto-select note next note value

• Dec 2, 2017 - 14:10

At the outset, thank you for this awesome software. I have been able to make my sheet music projects quicker than any I have used so far.

This is the feature I would wish to have in the upcoming version:
On continuous usage, I found out that I lost track of the hard copy of my song sheet while looking for the right note value and had to trace back to where I was just because I inserted the wrong note value and deleted it. The key shortcuts 4,5 and 6 which is provided works fine for SATB and grand staff is great but often times I forget to switch the values.
There are some who might be accustomed to this, so if possible a "switch" between old input and "auto detect" mode by comparing the subsequent beat on part 1(sp) or 3(tenor) and selecting it for next note entry into part (2) alto or part 4(bass) beat.

Thank you.


I usually just enter the soprano notes, copy those to alto (copy, swap voice 1 and 2, transpose down a third, paste), then copy that all to the bottom staff (excluding lyrics and chord symbols), transpose down an octave, then move all ATB notes into place

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