Some PDFs to Music XML pieces.

• Jun 23, 2014 - 09:22

Spent some hours to convert PDFs to Music XML which editable in Musescore
or other software. All of them converted by OCR WITHOUT proof-reading
and corrections.

You may send pdf to me, without any cost indeed.


Thank you.

p.s. I will let you know where to download the following pieces later, still building a website

Accolay - Concerto No.1 in A Minor.pdf
Bach - Concerto in D minor (2 violins).pdf
Bach - Concerto in G minor (arrangement of Keyboard Concerto in F Minor, BWV 1056).pdf
Bach - Concerto No.1 in A Minor.pdf
Bach - Concerto No.2 in E Major.pdf
Beethoven - Concerto in D Major, Op.61.pdf
Beethoven - Romance in F Major, Op.50.pdf
Beethoven - Romance in G Major, Op.40.pdf
Beriot - Concerto No.7 in G Major, Op.76.pdf
Beriot - Concerto No.9 in A Minor, Op.104.pdf
Brahms - Concerto for Violin and Cello, Op.102.pdf
Brahms - Concerto in D Major, Op.77 and Cadenza.pdf
Bruch - Concerto No.1 in G Minor, Op.26.pdf
Bruch - Concerto No.2 in D Minor, Op.44.pdf
Bruch - Scottish Fantasy, Op.46.pdf
Busoni - Concerto in D Major, Op.35a.pdf
Chausson - Poeme, Op.25.pdf
Delius - Concerto (1916).pdf
Dvorak - Concerto in A Minor, Op.53.pdf
Dvorak - Romance in F Minor, Op.11.pdf
Elgar - Concerto in B Minor, Op.61.pdf
Glazounov - Concerto in A Minor, Op.82.pdf
Goldmark - Concerto No.1 in A Minor, Op.28.pdf
Kreutzer - Concerto No.13 in D Major.pdf
Lalo - Concerto in F Major, Op.20.pdf
Lalo - Symphonie Espagnole, Op.21.pdf
Mendelssohn, Felix - Concerto in E Minor, Op.64.pdf
Mendelssohn, Ludwig - Student Concerto in D Major, Op.213.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.1 in Bb Major, K.207.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.2 in D Major, K.211.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.3 in G Major, K.216.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.4 in D Major, K.218.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.5 in A Major, K.219.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.6 in E flat Major, K.268.pdf
Mozart - Concerto No.7 in D Major, K.271a.pdf
Mozart - Concertone in C Major, K.190 for 2 Violins.pdf
Nardini - Concerto in E Minor.pdf
Nielsen - Concerto, Op.33.pdf
Paganini - Concerto No.1 in D Major, Op.6.pdf
Prokofiev - Violin Concerto No.1 in D Major, Op 19.pdf
Rode - Concerto No.6 in Bb Major.pdf
Rode - Concerto No.7 in A Major.pdf
Rode - Concerto No.8 in E Minor.pdf
Saint-Saens - Concerto No.3 in B Minor, Op.61.pdf
Saint-Saens - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28.pdf
Sarasate - Carmen Concert Fantasy, Op.25.pdf
Seitz - Student Concerto No.1.pdf
Seitz - Student Concerto No.3, Op.12.pdf
Seitz - Student Concerto No.4, Op.15.pdf
Seitz - Student Concerto No.5, Op.22.pdf
Sibelius - Concerto in D Minor, Op.47.pdf
Sitt - Concertino, Op.31.pdf
Spohr - Concerto No.2 in D Minor, Op.2.pdf
Spohr - Concerto No.8 in A Minor, Op.47.pdf
Strauss - Concerto in D Minor, Op.8.pdf
Tartini - Concerto in D Minor.pdf
Tchaikovsky - Concerto in D Major, Op.35.pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.1 in E Major, Op.10.pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.2 in F# Minor, Op.19.pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.3 in A Major, Op.25.pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.4 in D Minor, Op.31.pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.5 in A Minor, Op.37 (Muzgiz).pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.5 in A Minor, Op.37.pdf
Vieuxtemps - Concerto No.7 in A Minor, Op.49.pdf
Viotti - Concerto No.22 in A Minor.pdf
Viotti - Concerto No.23 in G Major.pdf
Viotti - Concerto No.24 in D Major.pdf
Wieniawski - Concerto No.2 in D Minor, Op.22.pdf


I'm looking for:
Saint-Saens - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28.pdf

Did you end up making a website or uploading them on musescore? (haven't found it here)

Hi @dds,
I took a look at your musicxml version of the Saint-Saens Op 28 violin part.
On conversion to musescore format (mcsz) the file has horrible corruptions -numerous.
With many measures being too long for the time signature.
These can be difficult to fix without the original score to work from.
I don't expect you to do anything about this but mention it for feedback.

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hello, the score here, piano & solo part in a a single pdf file.

indeed, it takes much time to correct and fix the OCR xml file same as original score,
i still use Musescore 1.3 to deal with all draft xmls.

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"Hi really need the Vieuxtemps Concerto No.5 in A Minor Op.37"

It seems that there isn't any transcription of this work available on So if you really need it in printed form, you can use the edition available on (IMSLP #552930), with attribution because it's not Public Domain.

If you want to hear the work or use the orchestra as accompaniment for a soloist to practise, then you can find someone to transcribe the work ino MuseScore format for a fee. Alternatively you can just try putting the IMSLP edition through the "experimental" PDF recognition in MuseScore (File > Import PDF...). Don't expect too much: the attached .MSCZ test score and .TXT error report demonstrate that you would still have a lot of work to do:
- correction of 40+ corruptions caused by the optical music recognition process
- re-assignment of the instrument names (all identified as "Voice" after PDF import)
- correction of transposing instruments like clarinets

Good luck!

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