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• Nov 27, 2017 - 14:06

Hi all,

I have logged in, then searched for "Feitiço da Vila" and find 1 file. Subsequently I can download the pdf version without any problems, but when trying to download the musescore file, it claims that I am not logged in and first have to do that! No amount of logging out and in fixes it. Can anyone help?

Btw It is very hard to find score like this, because the spelling has to be 100% correct, in other words, capitals need to be in place, but also the c-cedille! I would expect a search to not only be non-case specific, but also to allow non-diacritical characters. Am I overlooking something?




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Hi Jojo,

Yes, this is the one. I started fooling around with downloading other formats a few minutes ago and had selected the xml file, and on the second time it claimed to have failed and showed a little link with the text 'try again'. When I clicked that one, I was suddenly able to download the musescore file too?! There must be something stored in memory somewhere -- in the browser perhaps, though starting from a fresh chrome tab and going to the site, then logging on etc didn't work... -- but I have the file now 👍.

Thanks for your prompt response though!

I think the MuseScore SW rocks, and have contributed some scores to the site already too 😁.



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