The Early Music Ensemble SFZ Collection (For the Early Music Instruments in MuseScore!)

• Nov 25, 2017 - 02:44

This is an Early Music Ensemble SoundFont I created from other SoundFonts just by finding some period instruments samples, removed the vibrato, used 100% Reverb for each and everyone of them, and more. (This SoundFont can be used for the Early Instruments in MuseScore whether for Early and Late Baroque Music, Early and Late Medieval Renaissance Music, and Early Classical Music. This is also a collection of SFZ Files of the Period Instruments just like the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra Sound Library. You can use these SFZs for MuseScore and the sfz Player.

(Make sure that the SFZ Files are in the Zerberus Section and in the Sfz Files List. If they aren't, then just drag the whole folder called "Early Music Ensemble" to the SoundFonts Folder in MuseScore and they will show up in the SFZ Files list so you can select which instrument you want that's appropriate for a composition.) If that doesn't work that way for you or if you are having struggles, here's a short video tutorial.

You'll find the list of the Period Instruments all in GM Format. The rest of the instruments are in Bank 1, the Claviorgan is in Bank 2 as well as the Nyckelharpa presets are in Banks 2, and 3. Also for the Syrien Presets in Bank 127 from C to B. If you are composing Rennaisance Music with that instrument, you need to tell MuseScore if you want to select that instrument in the List instead of the Drumset sounds, also to match the pitch on the instrument that goes with the Key Signature of your composition. For example, if the Key Signature is in C Minor, Select the instrument for the drum part "Syrien C" and it will match and will sort of make a bass line almost along with the other instruments. The Period Percussion is in Bank 128. For the Viol Section Tremolo, I used a FAKE Filter because there are NO Tremolo Samples. The Nyckelharpa Pizzicato is supposed to sound like one viol plucking instead of the full viol Section. I didn't even to bother looping every viol sample because they sound TOO beautiful to be looped.

Here's some information on how you can make a composition with the correct instruments and tuning so that way you won't get mixed up.

For Baroque Music: Strings (Viol Section and Solo Viols), Traverso, Bressan Recorder, Baroque Oboe, Bassoon, Baroque Horn, Beale Trumpet, Timpani, Kirkman Harpsichord or Kirkman Harpsichord Lute Stop, Organ Presets, Claviorgan, Lute, and Small Female Choir with Irina Brochin, etc. - A = 415 Hz or 392 Hz or 420 Hz.

For Medieval Renaissance Music: Strings (Viol Section and Solo Viols), Nyckelharpa, Bressan Recorder, Gemshorn, Oboe Da Caccia, Cromorne, Chalumeau, Dulcian, Rackett, Crumhorn (Dudy), Shawm, Cornettino, Cornett, Beale Trumpet, Sackbut, Serpent, Baroque Horn, Syrien, Period Percussion, Kirkman Harpsichord or Kirkman Harpsichord Lute Stop, Virginal, Organ Presets, Lute, Ud, Cister and/or Cister Chords, and Small Female Choir with Irina Brochin, etc. - A = 435 Hz or 439 Hz or 340 Hz.

For Early Classical Music from Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, etc.: Pianoforte, Strings (Viol Section and Solo Viols), Piccolo, Traverso, Baroque Oboe, Clarinet, Basset Horn, Bassoon, Beale Trumpet, Sackbut, Timpani, and Small Female Choir with Irina Brochin, etc. - A = 432 Hz or 435 Hz or 439 Hz.

(WARNING!!! SFZ Files do NOT support Tuning Changes in MuseScore, only SF2 Files. So after you've converted your composition file in to any audio format, you need to change the pitch in Audacity!)

The SoundFont is a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licensed SoundFont. You can still edit it if you want, but please give me credit if you have made changes by sending me a link. But the Audio Files of your Compositions are Creative Commons Zero Licensed files. So if you finished your compositions just by following the rules on what is in the description that I’ve put down, you can save the SoundFont as the default, and export these files to Wav or Mp3 Format if you want and then send me links in your comments so I can listen to them and enjoy them!

Here's the link to download and feel-free to comment about this Collection if you want!… and here are some Audio Demos of the SoundFont!

Enjoy my Collection!!!


I have several questions/comments regarding this collection:
1. Consider making a looped version of the viols. Yes, there will be a small loss of quality, but having looped viols would be extremely convenient for adagios, passages with drones, etc.
2. A considerable amount of instruments listed as examples for different types of ensembles are nowhere to be found (i.e. Oboe Da Caccia, Cromorne, Chalumeau, Dulcian, Rackett, Virginal, ) Do you intend to add these instruments later on?
3. The viol family and the violin family are not one in the same. I would consider violin, viola, cello, and bass samples to the collection.
Overall, this is a considerably great start to a promising collection.

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I would agree with that too. I believe that the Viols should be looped in Auto-Loop Mode. I will also make some adjustments to the collection myself just by fixing the Traverso, Add a Clavichord, maybe add a Baryton too just by using the Viola Da Gamba Samples, and for the Synthetic Plucked Strings, well..., I'll have to find the closest sound for that. If you don't know what a Baryton is, Here's a video tutorials.
BTW, The Viols sound similar to the baroque violin, baroque cello, etc.
The Virginal sounds similar like a harpsichord too. Maybe Pianoforte as well.
For Oboe Da Caccia, Cromorne, Chalumeau, Dulcian, Rackett, Crumhorn, and Shawm, all of them have Crumhorn Samples, and these are the only ones I can find. Sorry about that.
Thanks for liking this collection anyway!

I've almost forgot that the Clavichord is appropriate for Mideival Renaissance Music, also forgot to put down the Kirkman Harpsichord and Kirkman Harpsichord Lute Stop, Baroque Horn and the Baryton in the Early Classical Music List!

Hi Arrianna

It sounds a fabulous collection, but I cannot get the link to work to download - it goes to a 404 page. Can you help please?

Many thanks, Terry

To OP:
Hey, I know I am super duper late. But I am in need of those soundfonts. Apparently, the files have been deleted and I was wondering if there was a way for us to redownload it. Thank you.

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I'd be interested in this if we can find a way to do it. Is there a way to send email ids without posting to the whole world? Otherwise as suggested try to upload to some cloud storage.

Cloud storage (eg. Box, Dropbox, Google and MS drives etc.) can be useful - but there are definitely potential risks - so that some people (myself included) are averse to using clouds indiscriminately. I do use clouds sometimes with people I know and with data I'm not too concerned about.

Most young people- and many others - don't seem to know, understand or care about the potential risks of clouds. They can be OK - but risks have to be balanced against benefits.

The suggestion to upload to Polyphone seems to make sense. I assume that is easiest to do from the Polyphone application - which AFAIK is OK.

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