Pitch bending?

• Nov 19, 2017 - 04:06

Hey all,
so I was browsing MuseScore, and (don't ask me how) got to this score called "a visit to the dentist". The odd thing about it is that it has another instrument which was a piano but had its sound changed in the mixer to Steel Drums. But here's the thing: The guy who made this got the pitch to bend, similar to how MIDI pitch bend works. Just download it and go through every note one by one using the arrow keys (the 128th notes at the bottom). They change pitches ever so slightly as to move away from G or G#. How did chinadoll do this? Was it done with external software and importing using MIDI/MusicXML/native program file formats, modifying the mscx/mscz file using a program (i.e. Notepad or Notepad++ or TextEdit), or done internally? And also, because this is interpreted, should a way to control this be in the inspector (if it's not possible to do internally)?
It might be external software, because going to File » Score Properties only shows the tag "partName" with its value set to "all", no MuseScore version, a revision of -1 and an API level of 206.

Any ideas?


Look at the tuning section of the Inspector (F8 to toggle).
Click on one of the notes in the bottom staff, and move with the right arrow key.
you will see that tuning parameters increase and decrease by 20, 40, 60.
It sounds like constantly because of successive (very small) notes.

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