Help: selecting 8 bars of chords?

• Nov 16, 2017 - 22:15

I read in that clicking on a chord followed by shift plus right arrow selects the adjacent chord to the right of the initial one. That's right, isn't it? I ask because I was unable to get that selection method to work, shirt + right arrow did nothing. Any advice is appreciate, and thank you.


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What happened when you pasted?

I usually select the measures, right click a chord and chose select>all similar items in range selection to select the chords. Through further testing, both methods worked fine for me using version 2.1

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Nothing happened when I pasted, as if nothing had been selected. Obviously, I'm missing something here, and I apologize for that. Would you kindly explain how you would copy (for example only) 8 bars of continuous chords from a chart? I know how to select all similar for the whole score or all chords from the same stave, but I don't know how to limit the range in the selection.

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Here's what I did: highlighted first chord in 8 bars of chords I wanted to copy and paste. Ctrl clicked each chord in the 8 bars. All were now highlighted. Ctrl-C (copy). I then clicked on the note in the new series of 8 bars where I wanted to paste those chords. Ctrl-V (paste), and nothing happened.

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"...pasting that would overwrite the notes in section a with rests"

If you right click a chord symbol, select all similar items in selection only the chords will be copied. Selecting a note or rest as the destination will paste only the chord symbols using the same rhythm as the original. It will also transpose the chord names if needed. The notes and rests in the destination measures will not be affected. The same thing will happen if you select the chords using ctrl-shift to add chords. The chords don't even need to be consecutive. In other words you can use this to select only the first and third chords if you want.

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For chord symbols (not the chords - the notes on the staff - themselves), it is idneed true you cannot range select them. But you can select the range of measures - click the first, Shift+click the last, or any other method of making range selections - then right click on chord symbol in that selected range and click Select / All Similar Elements in Range Selection. now you can Ctrl+C to copy, click a destination note, and Ctrl+V to paste.

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@frfancha: agreed ;-).

But I also think the part "action" (section "select all similar": needs a better explanation in the handbook concerning the way of proceeding. .
note: maybe also in the chapter chord symbols ( to copy a range of chord symbols, it's from time to time a request in the forum.

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The OP doesn't want to select 8 measures; he only want to select the Chord symbols in that measures.
This measures may be in the middle of the score, or in another part.
Is there a faster way?
At least I select (and copy/paste) the chord symbols in the small areas like this.

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Okay in this special case it doesn't make a great difference concerning the number of actions and time.


select the chord symbol, extend the selection of the chord for the next four measures via "ctrl", move to the second page, add the remaining ones, copy and paste.


select the measure of the first chord symbol, extend the selection via ctrl+shift+arrow right, right click on a chord symbol and selecting all similar in range selection, copy and paste (and as you know it's also possible to deselect particular chord symbols via "ctrl" in this range selection, if necessary)

I can imagine other cases,there will be more a difference, but maybe it's also by habit/custom.

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