Tack Piano

• Nov 4, 2017 - 23:09

As far as I'm concerned, no soundfont of a fortepiano (any piano made before 1830-ish) exists. Honkey tonk pianos are essentially the next best thing, but are pretty sub-par compared to a real fortepiano. A tack piano (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tack_piano) on the other hand has a more percussive sound, which is far more suitable for a replica sound of a fortepiano. Does anyone know of a sf2 with a sound like that, or better yet, a tack piano sf2?


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I can agree with the sentiment that these samples are synthetic. Regardless, I've been looking for early Romantic pianos for quite some time. Hopefully, the other site will manage to sample several instruments. I also managed to find an 1828 Bösendorfer in sf2 format somewhere online, though I don't know if it's still available. Perhaps these samplers will venture away from primarily keyboards and sample other period instruments, mainly Renaissance and Baroque.

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There were no changes to the Silbermann harpsichord since I first downloaded it.
My solution (using Polyphone):
1. At Samples level, select all samples except the ones named "Releases", then select "Trim to end of loop" from the Tools menu. At Instruments level, for all instruments except for the one named "Releases", disable Loop playback. This will remove the original loops that don't contain anything musically useful but in some cases even an annoying tick!
2. At Samples level, decrease the loop end point of the "Releases" samples until the frequency spectrum graph is empty (only 2 samples have this issue, respectively the ones numbered 027 and 043).
3. If you can still hear the bad ticking noise then delete the layer "Releases" at Presets level.

I re-open this old discussion because I recently made a soundfont with a mixture of harpsichord and piano samples and a harpsichordist friend of mine exclaimed: this looks like a tangentenflügel (or tangent piano)! If so, I confess that it is a somewhat coincidental result. However, I don't think it sounds bad. I'd be curious to hear anyone's impressions here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3CNDUiEGoI

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