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• Jun 15, 2014 - 14:18

Hello to all the developpers.
I'm new in this forum, but I've been using nightly builds for quite a while.
I tried a few days ago to open a file. It first opened same as an other file I was working on at the same time.
I tried to find the file using "Recuva" before that mess happened. It refuses to open; The extension at the end has 2 dots and Musescore refuses to open it. I would like to join the file so you can see if you can do something about it.
I'm using the nightly version of november 6th 2013. I tried many others, but that one seems pretty stable.
The only big problem I encountered with it is with the "Nuances" palette.
I take advantage of that mail to thank all of you for the great job that you do for people broke like me.
I thank you in advance for what you can do for me.
The score is for full orchestra+harp.

The SF2 files I use are :
kbh_real choir
strings_dxs_super_orchestra (N°4)
Generaluser GS Musescore v1.44

Patrick A et f _orchestré.mscz

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the file is unusable. It has not, however, the end points.
I fear that a file created with an older version cannot be opened using a more recent
If you have the backup tries to attach it.

The MSCZ file - a ZIP archive containing a plain text file - indeed seems corrupted. If you can find a general purpsoe archive repair tool, maybe it could be fixed and then opened in MuseScore.

But note that much has changed since November. Files created in builds from back then won't open in 1.3 or in current builds. If you ever do manage to recover this file, you should export to MusicXMlL and save that; your MSCZ file will not be usable in the future except in that build.

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In theory, yes, MusicXML files can be opened by any program that understands MusicXML. So exporting MusicXML from one nightly build is semi-decent insurance against any internal changes that would cause the original MSCZ file to no longer load in a later nightly. Of course, there's no guarantee that the MusicXML exported from a nightly build will be valid - there may well have been bugs in the MusicXML export that have been fixed since November. So there's still a non-zero chance that any score you create with a nightly build will never be openable by anything but the nightly build that generated it. So hopefully you are taking the warnings about the risks seriously and not using the nightly builds for any work you expect to want to keep in the future.

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