Chord Symbols

• Jun 13, 2014 - 20:55

I love using the MuseJazz font, it really dresses up the score, but I notice of the chord is minor, diminished, or augmented the symbol prints as normal text, the insertion of a -, o. or + alters the print. Anyone else notice this and is there a solution?

Jim Duke


See Chord name in the Handbook. Basically, there are different chordname styles, and you have to select which one you want to use and then use it consistently. If you want to use "-" for minor, you mean to use one of the chordname styles that includes this abbreviation - either cchords_rb or cchords_sym. The difference mostly being a matter of whether you prefer "maj" or triangle for major. cchords_sym use the trangle, you type "ma" to get it (and -7b5 to get the half-diminished symbol).

The next major release will be much more forgiving; you can use any standard abbreviations you want at any time.

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