Bluetooth page turner pedal recommendations please?

• Oct 26, 2017 - 21:20

I am partially sighted, and have created an A5 style which suits me well on my iPad as PDFs. I am teaching myself to play piano. I have rigged up a Bluetooth keyboard so that I can use it as a foot pedal to turn pages. It works reasonably well, but I would prefer a more robust commercial device.
Any recommendations please?


Google is your friend. "bluetooth page turner for ipad".

There are a few on the market available at Sweetwater, Guitarcenter etc. Which one’s the best? That will depend on your exact needs. Worst case, the big internet retailers allow returns if no one near you has more than one to try.

I bought the Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Rechargeable Sheet Music Reading Controller from Amazon for £49.95. I am very happy with it. Apparently with android devices, it works straight out of the box for page turning, but this is not the case with Apple devices. With Apple devices, the manufacturers literature suggests that you use an app like Forscore to get page turning to work. But I got this feature to work by setting up switch control, under access ability features on my iPad.

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