Chords to notes in creating sheet music for song.

• Oct 23, 2017 - 15:59

I haven't found any sheet music for the melody of this song (unfortunately a general problem for songs in other languages than English) - Mi verdad – Maná (feat. Shakira). It can be found on YouTube - as well as Spotify -

I have found some official guitar chords for the song (see attached file) and am trying to work out a strategy for writing sheet music by a combination of playing my C Melody saxophone by ear to the song, and using the guitar chords as a point of reference. Unfortunately, I don't really know what I am doing and could use some advice as to how to go about this task.

What I do know is that the song is in the key of A Major and then changes to the key of B flat Major.

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Being able to find free sheet music for this song should be a problem since it is still under copyright. The songs you can find in other languages are probably not under copyright. If they are still under copyright the person who posted them are subject to legal action for copyright violation. If you want to make a score of this song, you will have to rely on the chord progression you found (which is legal) and key it in by listening to it.

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