Copy, Cut & Paste Fails

• Sep 22, 2008 - 23:15

I have highlighted lyrics, system text, staff text, notes, phrases etc to copy them via Ctrl-C. Only to find that Ctrl-V paste fails. Cut also fails.

How can a phrase be copied, cut'n'pasted etc?


In reply to by David Bolton

Would it be a good idea to tag revisions of the handbook pages against a certain MuseScore version? E.g. the copy past page might be tagged with 0.9.4 which means that the documentation only applies starting from 0.9.4

Perhaps overkill, but I just want to raise the idea that it is possible to deploy such a solution. Visually, this tag will appear in between the handbook title and text.

In reply to by Thomas

The copy-paste and voices pages will need rewriting for the 0.9.4 release (they are still targeted at 0.9.3) but most other changes are minor. At for now I think we can get by without the complexity of a formal tagging system but it is worth considering for the future.

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