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• Oct 20, 2017 - 00:38

i may just be ignorant, but I can't seem to add a new page to my piece. Any help?


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This has come up so many times. What they really mean is they think there has to be a visible place to write the notes. We know that the "page" is actually there, i'ts just not visible.

Is it worthwhile just to visually add a "page" (just the outline with no staves) as a visible cue automatically?

This visible placeholder "page" would give the user the comfort of knowing that they could just keep writing and would remove these misunderstandings.

My answer is that you don't add pages, you add notes and measures and MuseScore adds new lines and pages as needed. Just as with a word processor- you don't add pages, you add text and the program creates lines and pages as needed. Only difference is that music has the concept of "measures", and MuseScore does require you to add these manually.

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If you thind of MuseScore as a musical word processor, it works the same as a word processor program. As you type your document, there is not a blank page below the current one, it appears when it's needed.

What would make more sense is that when you reach the last beat of an existing score and add two beats, a new measure would automatically be created to accommodate both notes and create a new page if needed.

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Something like that could make sense indeed. The trick would be getting the details right to avoid having extra measures added every time you edit the last measure of an existing piece. Right now, when you enter a note or rest that completes the last measure so there is no place to move the cursor to, the cursor backs up to the most-recently entered note or rest and leaves you in note input mode. Instead, we could consider appending a "ghost" new measure and putting the cursor there, but removing the measure automatically if you exit note input mode without actually entering anything. In a way, it's not unlike what we do with both chord symbols and lyrics every time you hit "Space" - we move the cursor to the next position and create a temporary empty element that you can type into but that we delete automatically if you leave that input mode.

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Excellent point about editing the last note, I didn't think about that. The temporary measure pending note input make sense as a fix. One thing to consider is that the user likely wants the new measure to have the same bar lines as the last real measure with the last real measure having single bar lines at the beginning and end, so this might complicate it a little.

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Yes, we'd want to get those details right too. None of this should be particularly difficult, actually. But for some reason, it also reminds me of the "scratch pad" problem and maybe it makes sense to think in somewhat more general terms about solving both problems in a similar way. Not sure what that means, but something to ponder.

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It's not hard to add measures. Press ctrl+b for one or Alt+shift+b for the number you want. MuseScore then automatically inserts page breaks where they're needed. Automatically adding a measure so you don't have to stop would be a nice addition to the program.

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One of my big complaints about artistic software tools is the extent to which the mental effort required to use the software gets in the way of the creative energies we use to keep the ideas alive long enough to get them properly on the screen. MuseScore is neither the best nor the worst of tools in this regard, but sometimes it's like approaching your front door with two bags of groceries and finding you don't have a free hand to reach for your keys. The solution is simple, but by the time you've completed the mental/physical negotiations to get through the door, you may have forgotten one thing or other.

In the case of completing the last available measure, would it be worthwhile to open a dialogue box saying something like, "End of existing score. Append measure(s)... Y/N?" Most of us already know how to do this, but still sometimes get caught in the middle of a creative moment having to manually add measures to keep the flame alive.

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The problem with this, though, is it requires an extra step over what is the case now or over what I proposed in the more usual case where you aren't trying to add more measures, plus it is one additional step compared to what I suggested in the case where you decide you do want to add more measures. if we can solve the problem without a dialog that interrupts the workflow, that would be preferable.

I am trying to add more measures to a score but as I do so it adds them to the same page and starts compressing the view. Is there any way to avoid this?

Use - 30 Lessons (pages) for instrument to which I roughly know content of, but would like to be adding and changing, moving content as I develop it. So is it a file per Lesson or is there a way to do it in one file? What's better?

PS: I too am new and am surprised at the sometime passive-aggressive treatment these questions get in forums. Yes, the original poster could've given more detail, but please be gentle.

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