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• Oct 15, 2017 - 15:45

Is it possible to add hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and bends in banjo tablature?


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Natively, pull-offs and hammer-ons are not yet implemented. This is a feature request still in progress (nothing has been fixed to date), see eg:
On the other hand, it is simple to add slurs, which amounts to the same (ie "ascendings" slurs = hammer-on, and "descending" slurs = pull-off). See the image:
If you want to add the mentions H. and. P.O, you can do it with ordinary text (only a workaround). You can keep this text (H and P.O) in a palette for reuse. Then when you enter a new score, and when all of these text indications are in place, make: right-click on a text -> select -> all similar elements -> in Inspector, change the horizontal offset (to recenter over the slurs)
For the slides, add a glissando (modify the text in the Inspector, ie "sl." versus "gliss.") And preferably desactivate the playback, not adapted for strings instruments.

For the bends, I'm not sure of the use (in any case common, or frequent) for the banjo, but, as said, it can be found in the palette Articulations & Ornaments.

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