Repeat bar sign has no effect on drums in score, but does in part

• May 27, 2014 - 10:43

The repeat bar sign can be found in the "Repeats" palette. It is commonly used to indicate that a player should continue playing the contents of the previous bar or bar repeater.

2.0 supports playback for most instruments in score and part for me.

I have created an arrangement with horns and rhythm section. The drum part contains bar repeat signs. They are not shown and not played back. In the generated part, they are shown and played back.

I have attached the score. (I feel silly for changing the sounds, but it does sound kinda nice :) )

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Naima9.mscz 40.28 KB


I can see that what you say is true, but can you post steps to reproduce the problem from scratch? If the score was created in an older nightly build, it's not guaranteed to load correctly, and in fact if it was created long enough ago, it's pretty much guaranteed *not* to work.

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