Are there any violin soundfonts where there is/are No Vibrato samples?

• Oct 13, 2017 - 21:35

Hey guys. I've had Musescore for a few months already and already know fairly well how to use it. I've never had any experience with sheet music, but as my progress is fast, I'm starting to get serious and really want to get onto making original compositions. I know Musescore's purpose isn't playback, but it does it really awesomely and I don't feel comfortable with using software that doesn't have much to do with sheets. So right now a few obstacles are tripping me.

I made a good melody on my piano a month ago and kept on improving it and improving it. Changed the chords, a ton of notes, eventually turned the beginning section into a flute and the high notes after that into a violin. It became just mesmerizing, except one thing doesn't satisfy me... The violin has a fairly strong vibrato, and it just doesn't work out properly for the piece. I've looked for soundfonts with a NV violin, but they never specify and I didn't come across any. I'm looking for such.

Am I demanding too much from Musescore? If so, what should I consider doing instead? Is there a soundfont that will satisfy my needs? (If there is one specially for violins/strings I would be really pleased)

Thanks in advance.


As far as the vibrato is concerned, that is not MuseScore specifically doing, which you sort of alluded to. I don't know of a violin sound font with no vibrato, you'll just have to look for one on the web. There are plenty of free ones out there. Perhaps someone knows of one, and will answer here.

Bumping this because I need help with it too, and can't find anything after a couple hours of research. The one already in the comments doesn't work well enough.

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Very good.
For those who want a vibrato-free violin sound, it's worth a diamond.

// I don't like the instrument/vocal sound without vibrato. (Can be done with either Pitch or Volume; and the vibrato depth can be very low, low, medium or high - how you like it)
But we also try to help those who are looking for this sound. (Why?)
In addition, some ambient effects (like reverb) are absolutely necessary to enhance these sounds.

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I hear volume and timbre differences everywhere, not just in one place (in this soundfont).
My advice: increase the attenuation of whatever notes and velocity your loudness problem is.

Dealing with stereo samples is always more difficult and takes time.
After adjusting the volume level of the two samples separately, it is necessary to adjust how they sound together. //Due to interference and cancellation effects.
Above that, filter-cutoff was used without frequency calculation. Of course this also affects the volume.

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FWIW, when I sit at the piano to play, I am very much aware of the stereo spread between low and high notes. But of course, that ceases to be true when sitting where the listener would be, and that's more the experience soundfonts would normally be trying to recreate.

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when sitting at your piano, what you experience is called Pan. MIDI Control 10.
concert halls are built in that way that, no matter where you are seated, you will be able to hear the violins AND the basses in the right amount.
stereo tells you something about the space where the sound is produced (a concert hall or the bathroom), especially the abnormalities.
everything you hear is in stereo if you have two ears.
regards bottrop

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