missing rests in one voice after import

• Oct 13, 2017 - 09:23

Several times I had the following problem when importing a file from capella-Format, and also from PDF-Import through Audiveris:
There appear measures where in one voice (if there is more than one) the number of rests is not correct. This is already detected during opening the score, but I find no way how to correct this (unless delete the measure and re-enter).
I tried through "measure properties" but here everything seems to be ok.
Maybe there should be a function like "repair measure" (e.g. in the measure properties dialog) that creates the correct number of rests if they are missing.
The appended score has this problem at measure 25

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See: 1 tiefer.mscz

"but I find no way how to correct this (unless delete the measure and re-enter)."
In this case, not necessary:
Simply select the tied E (the voice 1 is selected) -> press 7 (for whole note) -> press 6 (half note). A half rest appears and fixes the problem.
Measure 25 second staff: select the B (voice 1), type 7 then 6
Ditto for measure 49
- Or, by selecting the measures and using "Exchange Voice1-2" in Edit -> Voices

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Exchanging voices twice is really the closest there is to a "heal measure" function, but it's not 100% in its fix. The defective part of the measure may be somewhere besides where MuseScore places the rests and the user has to pay attention and fix it if necessary. Moreover, this also only fixes voice 1. Other voices can be defective (lacking rests the user wants) with no warning from MuseScore because this is acceptable in music notation in general. I believe it is preferable to have the user fix the problem rather than MuseScore assuming the double exchange fixes it and possibly misleading the user.

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