Make staff itself bigger

• May 22, 2014 - 19:27

I need to make the size of the staff itself bigger -- not the space between the staves, but the size of the staff (how much space there is between each line and space). I'm using it for my elementary school classroom, and it's simply not large enough. Help!


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This give more space between the staves. I'm writing very simple songs with one staff for 1st graders. I don't need more space between the staves, I need the staff itself to be bigger. Instead of being roughly 1" tall, I want the staff to be 3" tall with the first space of the staff being wider and taller.

Go to ...Format>Page Settings>Scaling. Where it says "Staff Spacing" you can tweak the little arrows up and down. There's a preview of what the page will look like in the lower left. Same problem. I discovered it's best to adjust the staff size before inputting any notes. When I try to adjust after note input it automatically makes 2 measures take up a whole line and you end up having to deal with all sorts of other layout issues.

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