Cannot enter whole measure rest as such

• May 17, 2014 - 10:07
S4 - Minor

This is a perhaps a border case between the bug and the feature request concepts, but I think it is worth reporting anyway.


*) Semibreve (4/4) rests can be entered as semibreve (by selecting the proper duration with [7]) and behave accordingly.

*) Whole-measure rests cannot be entered as such; the usual work-around is to select the whole measure and delete everything. However, this is not possible if the whole-measure rest is needed in a voice other than 1. See this post for a fairly common use case.

Suggestions are welcome.




A direct way to enter a full measure rest seems the way to go. David suggested this in response #12 in the aforementioned issue.

Another possibility is, as I suggested elsewhere, modifying the current Ctrl+Shift+Del to not ignore non-empty measures, but instead operate only on non-empty voices. So you could select a measure with multiple voices in which you have regular duration rests in voice 2 but notes in voice 1, hit Ctrl+Shift+Del, and the regular duration rests would be converted to full measure.

It's probably very easy to implement the latter, but I think a way of entering measure rests directly probably makes more sense from a usability perspective.

I think my suggestion in #2 still makes sense - just modify the existing Ctrl+Shift+Delete command to work with voices other than 1. So you'd enter the desired notes normally in voice 1, the rests for the duration of the measure into voice 2, then select the measure, hit Ctrl+Shfit+Delete, and it would convert the rests in voice 2 into a full measure rest. Should be a very simple change. If agreed, I can implement.